Frugal Safari

My Journey to Frugal Living and Financial Independence


I’m Patrick, a personal finance guru hailing from Africa, specifically Rwanda and now residing in sunny San Diego.  I love traveling, spreadsheets, and my wife (not necessarily in that order).

The main reason I am writing this blog is to share my story and my “WHY”.  This is my personal journey into lowering my expenses, so that I can save enough money to live a Stress Free life while pursuing my dream of traveling the World.

Our goal is complete retirement by the year 2018 at which point we’ll travel the world on a “slow travel” journey spending several months at a time in each destination.  We are currently semi-retired and spend about 6 weeks a year traveling.  Our favorite destinations involve lots of sun, sand, ocean, cocktails, and relaxation.

I value my reader’s feedback, so please feel free to use the comment section of each post or send me a message, I promise I’ll respond to each and every one.

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